Friday, October 24, 2008

Teaching about gay marriage in schools

It's started already, despite what the State Board of Education president and Superintendent of Public Instruction have said. They claim that there is nothing to compel California schools to teach about the subject of marriage, failing to note that 96% of schools do so voluntarily and therefore must comply by state standards. Here is the letter that "Yes on 8" campaign found necessary to sent to each of these gentlemen, reminding them of reality.
And here we have the real live reality of having gay marriage legal in this state. San Diego school holds surprise "Gay" day for Kindergartners. This was posted Oct 22, 2008! We also have the incident in San Francisco where 1st graders were bussed to City Hall to witness the gay marriage of their teacher.
How anyone can say with a straight face that Prop 8 has nothing to do with teaching school children about gay marriage is beyond me. It's already happened!
Help us pass prop 8 any way you can. If you are out of state, donating even $10 will make a difference if everyone who cares about this issue decides to do so. Spread the word!


Allison said...

wow. i had not heard the story about the "coming out" day in an elementary school. let's just hope that the voters of california hear about this--since i doubt that the local news will be reporting it much.

Michal said...

that was actually me logged in as alli. i guess she was the last one to be reading blogs on my computer!