Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've seen a couple of people do a wordle over at wordle.net so I thought that I would make my owns. The first one is my choice of fall words, and the next is the random one that came up when I entered my blog address.

Monday, September 29, 2008

18 months!

My baby turned 18 months old yesterday!
  • She's getting so much more independent, having fun in Nursery and playing with her siblings.
  • She enjoys sitting down with a book and reading to herself. She says "E, E, A, O"
  • She's climbing up on all sorts of things these days and saying so many words.
  • I've even been able to get some bows in her wispy hair.
  • She loves the water and loves to be on the receiving end of the hose.
  • She enjoys singing with her sister and now "exercises" as well as does yoga with the our new "Yoga Kids" video. (Thanks again Michal!)
  • She's still enamored with Signing Time and pretty much will only eat if the video is on.
  • She still is a habitual left-thumb-sucker.
  • She's loved abundantly!


Here's a quick update on the kids. Catelyn has been coming to the gym w/ me and simply loves it. She usually complains when I come to pick her up after my workout "But Mom, I need more fun!"
We went through all the kids clothes last week and took out the outgrown things to hand down to cousins. We found this ballerina costume for Catelyn that Nana had given her. She's had it for a while but we hadn't been able to get it on her yet. (Catelyn is very particular about what clothes she will wear) Here she is in an action pose. ;)

Cooper has been having lots of fun with soccer. The team has not won a game yet but they are getting much better and it can probably be said that they are "playing the game of soccer" now. Here I caught Cooper in a couple of nice action shots.

Cooper is doing great in school. He really enjoys reading and math and I noticed on his last spelling test that he got 13/9 having spelled the 4 bonus words correctly.
We are both excited for the field trip on Friday. The K/1 classes are going to the Pumpkin Farm out towards Lincoln. I anticipate a great time to be had by all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Watch what you say

Lydia has been seeming to add words to her vocabulary daily.
Yesterday at church she dropped something and said "Oh shoot!" It's really funny coming out of an 18 month old mouth. Especially when her mouth is on a still virtually bald head.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Cooper going to his first day of soccer practice. We found out that morning that he had made it onto a team.
Before his first soccer game.

For only having been to one practice beforehand Cooper did a great job!
He really did a great job at goalie. He saved around 8 goals and really went after the ball. He had a great time (despite the heat soaring to 104 degrees!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

80's night

Friday night a whole bunch of people from the ward got together for dinner and roller skating... 80's style! It was adults only and it was a blast! I tried to get my hair as high as it would go. The only sad thing about it all was that most of us could find things at stores NOW that were hideous enough for an 80's party.

I stole some of these photos from my friend Heather (who by the way, was my roommate in college)
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My friend Heather and her husband Jeremy
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gold Rush Days

This past Saturday was the annual Gold Rush Days in downtown Sacramento. Papa and I decided to dress the older kids up and go have some fun. I was a little apprehensive because all through the week the temperatures had been soaring in the 105 range. Luckily the forecast for Saturday was only mid 90's so we decided to brave it.

In past years Papa has been involved in the local Mormon Battalion reenactors so he had all the gear to get dressed up. He let Cooper borrow a cowboy hat and I threw on a dress that Jonathan brought home from his mission to Paraguay and my hat from Williamsburg, VA as my pioneer garb. Catelyn on the other hand was able to wear a dress that my mom had made me when I was 4. She loved it and has been wearing it almost nonstop since. She calls it her "cowgirl dress". She also threw on her straw hat and we were ready to go.

Cowpoke Cooper

Serious faces!
Cowgirl Catelyn
I tell you, she didn't take that dress off for days!

I'll make an update soon with pictures of our adventures while at the Gold Rush Days. Stay tuned!