Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's our Party!

Catelyn had been talking about having a party for a while, so on Friday we celebrated my belated birthday/being together.
I bought balloons and gave the kids a few presents and my mom made a cake. (which Catelyn helped make by adding her chocolate pudding to the mix)
We had party hats and candles we never lit, the whole shebang.
Opening presents.

I love this picture. Catelyn's got the whole piece of cake on her fork and Cooper looks like a monkey.
Happy party everyone!

4 Things

I'm assuming that my cousin Lo tagged me in her post, so here goes:

4 Things you may not know about me:

1. I had my dad shave the bottom of my head my 8th grade year. My hair was long and covered it except when I would pull it up in a pony tail. He volunteered to do it, not wanting my friends to get carried away and shave too much.
2. At 16 I once walked off with a boy I didn't know in Stockholm, Sweden. I didn't tell anyone where I was going, or who I was with. Looking back it was one of the stupidest things I have ever done. Luckily no harm was done but don't try that at home kids.
3. In college a friend dubbed me "SeƱora Muchas Smooches" because of all the boys I was kissing.
4. I received music scholarships to all of the colleges I applied to except for BYU. I went to BYU anyway.

4 Places I go over and over:
1. The end of the driveway to pick Cooper up from the bus
2. All the way in to Rocky Mount (25 miles) to go to the nice grocery store, Harris Teeter
3. Google Reader, to check all my friend's blogs
4. To God in prayer.

4 People who email me: (these are most common emails)

1. My mom
2. Michal
3. Erika
4. Vonage, telling me I have a new voicemail

4 Of my favorite foods:
1. Cheesecake
2. Heathbar Ice Cream
3. Gourmet Ravioli
4. Loaded Bake Potato

4 Places I would rather be right now:
1. Curled up in bed, watching a movie I haven't seen
2. On a cruise ship
3. Getting a facial
4. California

4 Movies I watch over and over again:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
3. Ocean's 11
4. Narnia

4 People I am tagging:
1. Alli
2. Kim
3. Malia
4. Mimi

My pretty Princess

Grammy bought Catelyn a new 18" doll and many dresses that Catelyn and her new friend can wear together.
If you ask Catelyn to act like a princess she will twirl around in her dress (since that is all she ever wears).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More photo's from today

Lydia and Mommy.
This grass stuff is a bit yuckie.

Picnic in the yard

Weekend update:
Lydia is walking full time now. It rained last night and a little this morning. Cooper wanted to go outside and have a picnic but the grass was too wet so I brought the kid's picnic table outside under a tree.

This was Lydia's first experience walking outside. I still can't believe what a big girl she has become all of a sudden. It has been a beautiful day to spend at home with the kids.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring showers

Today was a typical Southern Spring day. Highs in the lower 80's with scattered showers throughout the day and humidity at 58%. It sprinkled this morning and then the sun came out for most of the afternoon. This was our visitor earlier in the morning.
Right about 5:00 pm a downpour came our way and was gone in 1/2 an hour.

After the storm I was looking out my kitchen window and saw something crawling through the grass on it's way to the pond. This is who we found.

The grass was still very wet so I hiked my pants up to get closer to him.
He had beautiful colors on his shell. He pulled his legs in but was keeping his head out to keep an eye on me.
Evan picked him up to take him to the pond and Mr. Turtle was hissing at him.
Evan took him to the end of the dock and put him down. Mr. Turtle scampered off the edge into the pond.

Gorgeous evening out tonight!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Mamma

I've been a bit emotionally overwhelmed lately so the task of dedicating a post to my mom has been daunting. She is so amazing and wonderful that sitting down to try and encompass all of her greatness is intimidating. She deserves the praise though so I'll just have to try my best.
  • My mom is beautiful
  • My mom is selfless
  • My mom is service personified
  • My mom taught her children that can do anything they set their mind to
  • My mom is creative
  • My mom is a fantastic Grammy
  • My mom would give a stranger the shoes off her feet
  • My mom would give her life for her family and friends
  • My mom loves to laugh
  • My mom is an amazing seamstress
  • My mom is compassionate and forgiving
  • My mom is vulnerable and sensitive
  • My mom is a loving wife and doting mother
  • My mom is a great organizer and planner
  • My mom is very special to me
I love you Mom, thank you for all your help and support.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recent pictures

Uncle Evan came down for a visit this week.

Lydia's looking at Evan here. She's a coy little one.

Catelyn was not feeling well at all and laid on the couch most of the afternoon but climbed on Grammy's lap for a bit.
Evan was making faces at her so she said "Now look at this!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kid picture update

It's been a long while since I've posted pictures of the kids, so I'm taking the time to do that now.

Cooper has lost his 5th tooth. At the rate he's going he's only going to be able to eat puddin'.
Catelyn was breaking some new sandals in by putting sand in them.

Lydia's surgery has done wonders for her eyes. She's scheduled to have them surgically removed May 30th.
I will take some pictures tomorrow and try to get them uploaded as soon as I can.

Monday, May 5, 2008

In need of your prayers

Please take a moment and pray for our family right now. What we need most is the Lord's guiding hand so any and all prayers on our behalf are appreciated.
Thank you