Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small update

I'm sorry that I've not updated this blog for a while. It turns out that my laptop (which I upload all my pictures to) is on the fritz and I have been using my parent's laptop for my Internet fix. We have been busy, taking a trip to Tahoe, completing soccer season, canning tuna (ok so I didn't help with that project) and more so I have not attempted to upload pictures to this new laptop yet. I'll work on that soon though.

Meanwhile, I have been quite interested in the backlash and eruption of emotions from the opponents of Prop 8. I understand that emotions run high on this issue but it has been very interesting to see the hatred directed at one particular group of people subsequent to the No on 8's loss at the polls last week.

I find the "tolerance movement" to be completely lacking of any tolerance toward the Mormon churches differing viewpoint on the issue. People disagree on this, and many other points. People, through the democratic process get to voice their opinions and, thanks to this great country, their voices get counted. How can this so called "tolerance movement" pretend to be anything of the kind when they are throwing a tizzy that more than half of the people who voted, disagree with them?

The Mormon church is being decried as bigoted. It's being protested against, blacklisted, defaced, vandalized, and so on and so forth, even to the point of having "unkown white powdery substances" delivered to the temples. (Granted, we don't know who sent those powders, never the less, it was an act of terorrism directed at the church)

I wanted to post the official press release given by the Church in response to this past weeks "activities". Please read.

God bless America and all those who fight to give us the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted).

PS, I will be changing the name of this blog in the near future.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We did it!

I am very thankful and proud that the people of California passed Proposition 8 yesterday and stood up for traditional marriage and their moral values. It was a hard battle and there were strong emotions on both sides of the issue. For me Prop 8 was never about ill feelings or hatred toward a group of people, but was a defense of the Divine institution of marriage and keeping it sacred. I encourage all who read this blog to go here and read the Church's response on Prop 8 passing (as well as the initiatives in Arizona and Florida.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had quite a fun Halloween!  We had many things to look forward to and many things to enjoy.  First on the list was Cooper wearing his costume to school and the girls having a Harvest Festival at the gym that they also dressed up for.

Here is Cooper in class, dressed like Captain Hook.

Next, we were anticipating Papa coming home for the whole weekend!  Papa has been working hard down in Fresno since August and we were excited to have him back with us for a while.

In preparation for both Papa's return and Aunt Michal and Uncle Jared's Halloween party, that afternoon my mom made homemade buttermilk donuts with maple glaze.  We got the recipe from Michal's good friend and amazing cook, Prudence Pennywise.  First I'll show you a picture of the donuts, then I'll give you link straight to the recipe.


Oh Mama, are these the best thing ever!  Here's Catelyn w/ her apron ready to help in any way we will let her.


Papa came home just as we were finishing up with these.  He was happy to be there I'm sure.  Next it was time to get dressed (again) and head over to the party.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook.


Captain Hook and Tinkerbell.


Papa the Pioneer with a Mermaid, Ballerina, and Tinkerbell.


80's Jared and Becky.


All the youngest cousins, minus Scotty.


Then we went home and went trick or treating until it started to really rain and it was time for bed.  I hope everyone's Halloween was as fun and enjoyable as ours was!

Waving in the rain

This morning I went out to help wave Yes on 8 signs in our neighborhood. It's been raining this weekend but we were all determined to make our voices heard, come rain or snow. To be honest the rain probably strengthened our cause because we had about 35 people at one intersection and it was wet! Only one young man came out with a homemade sign for No on 8 and he left after about an hour and a half.
We got a lot of waves, and thumbs up and horn honks. Only a few dozen shakes of the head no, and thumbs down and only around 10 middle fingers, mostly from young women (note, I didn't say young ladies.)
I stayed out there for 4 hours, 2 hours past my shift because it felt so good to be doing something proactive for the cause.
Here's a little shot of our corner. It was raining pretty good by this time.

I came home pretty wet, but not too cold. I was glad to have had the gloves. My fingers were water logged after I pulled them off.

Help support our efforts here in California to pass prop 8 by donating whatever you can here.