Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small update

I'm sorry that I've not updated this blog for a while. It turns out that my laptop (which I upload all my pictures to) is on the fritz and I have been using my parent's laptop for my Internet fix. We have been busy, taking a trip to Tahoe, completing soccer season, canning tuna (ok so I didn't help with that project) and more so I have not attempted to upload pictures to this new laptop yet. I'll work on that soon though.

Meanwhile, I have been quite interested in the backlash and eruption of emotions from the opponents of Prop 8. I understand that emotions run high on this issue but it has been very interesting to see the hatred directed at one particular group of people subsequent to the No on 8's loss at the polls last week.

I find the "tolerance movement" to be completely lacking of any tolerance toward the Mormon churches differing viewpoint on the issue. People disagree on this, and many other points. People, through the democratic process get to voice their opinions and, thanks to this great country, their voices get counted. How can this so called "tolerance movement" pretend to be anything of the kind when they are throwing a tizzy that more than half of the people who voted, disagree with them?

The Mormon church is being decried as bigoted. It's being protested against, blacklisted, defaced, vandalized, and so on and so forth, even to the point of having "unkown white powdery substances" delivered to the temples. (Granted, we don't know who sent those powders, never the less, it was an act of terorrism directed at the church)

I wanted to post the official press release given by the Church in response to this past weeks "activities". Please read.

God bless America and all those who fight to give us the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted).

PS, I will be changing the name of this blog in the near future.


Erika said...

Did you read the email that Rhonda forwarded us about the sister who was working in the temple the Thursday it was closed? My heart was so touched. It just goes to show that no matter what types of persecutions/atrocities are going on around us, no unhallowed hand can stop the work.
Gives me faith, hope, and thankfulness during this frustrating & sometimes scary time.

Mimi Nowland said...

Your blogs are great. You manage to put into words what I am feeling too!

Michal said...

"no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." they can try, but it doesn't generally pay to fight against god's will.

Kristen said...

Hear, hear! Sorry to hear about your laptop though... computers stink- but you can't live without them! :)

P.S. I tagged you on my blog. []