Saturday, November 1, 2008

Waving in the rain

This morning I went out to help wave Yes on 8 signs in our neighborhood. It's been raining this weekend but we were all determined to make our voices heard, come rain or snow. To be honest the rain probably strengthened our cause because we had about 35 people at one intersection and it was wet! Only one young man came out with a homemade sign for No on 8 and he left after about an hour and a half.
We got a lot of waves, and thumbs up and horn honks. Only a few dozen shakes of the head no, and thumbs down and only around 10 middle fingers, mostly from young women (note, I didn't say young ladies.)
I stayed out there for 4 hours, 2 hours past my shift because it felt so good to be doing something proactive for the cause.
Here's a little shot of our corner. It was raining pretty good by this time.

I came home pretty wet, but not too cold. I was glad to have had the gloves. My fingers were water logged after I pulled them off.

Help support our efforts here in California to pass prop 8 by donating whatever you can here.


Erika said...

Boy I hope this thing passes...
good work!

Mimi Nowland said...

You inspired my blog about prop 8! Thank you for your efforts, let's stay strong until the end.

Allison said...

We were out from 1-3:00 this afternoon in the rain too. We lined Sunrise Ave. Our Stake was in charge of two and a half miles, but there were other stakes and churches out there too. There were hundreds, maybe even more than a 1000 people out there. It was so inspiring! We had a lot of fun and felt like we were making a difference.

Michal said...

the sign wavers that i saw in the rain on saturday (alli's stake) made me cry. it was so cool. i am so geared up for election day. the kids and i are spending tomorrow baking cookies for the volunteers. then tuesday i am manning one of the polling places (outside) and organizing the "get out the vote" effort for two precincts. i pray that our best efforts will be good enough.