Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picnic in the yard

Weekend update:
Lydia is walking full time now. It rained last night and a little this morning. Cooper wanted to go outside and have a picnic but the grass was too wet so I brought the kid's picnic table outside under a tree.

This was Lydia's first experience walking outside. I still can't believe what a big girl she has become all of a sudden. It has been a beautiful day to spend at home with the kids.


Erika said...

They all look so so happy and I'm so glad that you got to spend the day with them :-)

Allison said...

What a beautiful day to spend out on the back lawn together!

scrap chair potato said...

How did I just now find your blog??? I have been missin' out!
What a gorgeous yard you have. Lydia is a cutie pie!

Mimi Nowland said...

Lydia does look all grown up!

Malia said...

Wow she's getting so big already!!! Love the cute walking pictures!