Monday, September 29, 2008


Here's a quick update on the kids. Catelyn has been coming to the gym w/ me and simply loves it. She usually complains when I come to pick her up after my workout "But Mom, I need more fun!"
We went through all the kids clothes last week and took out the outgrown things to hand down to cousins. We found this ballerina costume for Catelyn that Nana had given her. She's had it for a while but we hadn't been able to get it on her yet. (Catelyn is very particular about what clothes she will wear) Here she is in an action pose. ;)

Cooper has been having lots of fun with soccer. The team has not won a game yet but they are getting much better and it can probably be said that they are "playing the game of soccer" now. Here I caught Cooper in a couple of nice action shots.

Cooper is doing great in school. He really enjoys reading and math and I noticed on his last spelling test that he got 13/9 having spelled the 4 bonus words correctly.
We are both excited for the field trip on Friday. The K/1 classes are going to the Pumpkin Farm out towards Lincoln. I anticipate a great time to be had by all!


Michal said...

love the little ballerina! and cooper's action shots. i'm glad he's having so much fun with soccer.

Martin said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting.