Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gold Rush Days

This past Saturday was the annual Gold Rush Days in downtown Sacramento. Papa and I decided to dress the older kids up and go have some fun. I was a little apprehensive because all through the week the temperatures had been soaring in the 105 range. Luckily the forecast for Saturday was only mid 90's so we decided to brave it.

In past years Papa has been involved in the local Mormon Battalion reenactors so he had all the gear to get dressed up. He let Cooper borrow a cowboy hat and I threw on a dress that Jonathan brought home from his mission to Paraguay and my hat from Williamsburg, VA as my pioneer garb. Catelyn on the other hand was able to wear a dress that my mom had made me when I was 4. She loved it and has been wearing it almost nonstop since. She calls it her "cowgirl dress". She also threw on her straw hat and we were ready to go.

Cowpoke Cooper

Serious faces!
Cowgirl Catelyn
I tell you, she didn't take that dress off for days!

I'll make an update soon with pictures of our adventures while at the Gold Rush Days. Stay tuned!


scrap chair potato said...

Fun! You all look great!

Erika said...

I just love the picture of Catelyn "cowgirl catelyn." That face is absolutely priceless :-)
Hope to see you guys soon.

Nana said...

What an imagination that girl has! She and Ian can share their fascination with things Cowboy...at the 4th of July parade in Utah, he loved all the 'church cowboys' (pioneers)