Monday, September 8, 2008

80's night

Friday night a whole bunch of people from the ward got together for dinner and roller skating... 80's style! It was adults only and it was a blast! I tried to get my hair as high as it would go. The only sad thing about it all was that most of us could find things at stores NOW that were hideous enough for an 80's party.

I stole some of these photos from my friend Heather (who by the way, was my roommate in college)
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My friend Heather and her husband Jeremy
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Wheat Family said...

oh I love this idea!! Totally strange that the 80's are coming back in style! Not a good decade for fashion, but great for music. Looks like a fun activity.

The Robinsons said...

Narly dude!

Michal said...

it takes me back to my junior high and high school days. yikes! i had that hair!:)

Nana said...

Wow - that is an eye-popping graphic.

Becky said...

Haha, I was trying for the bold garishness that was "the 80's". PS, I have more pictures, I just need to upload from my camera still.

Blake, Jamie & Samantha Holiday said...

We live in the city of KATY which is a suburb of Houston (we are 40 miles from downtown Houston) - KATY is northwest of Galveston (where IKE is suppose to come on land). If you are watching the news, lots of the time you will see Sugarland on the maps they show, KATY is just northwest of Sugarland. It is just starting to pick-up with SOMETHING in our neck of the woods. Strong winds, no rain yet, but curfews are being put into effect in just about all the counties. Suppose to get pretty nasty around here in the early morning......around 3 or 4......we'll see.

J's family is all over here, and we are having a huge hurricane party........lots of movies, cookies, candy, and soda.........we got one tv on movies, and the other on the news.

Keep you all updated, but we are of now.


Blake, Jamie, and Sam

Jyl said...

OMgosh! tooo fun! I love it Becky! your blog looks cute too! What a fun family you have!