Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing catch up

We've had some fun time here lately and it's about time for me to catch everyone up.

First, the weekend before this last one, Cooper's team won their first game.  The boys were so excited, all their hard work practicing twice a week paid off.  The score, 1-0.


Then on Monday, Mom, Tutu, and I took Catelyn and Lydia to the same pumpkin patch that Cooper's class had visited on their field trip.   IMG_0019








We all had lots of fun visiting the animals, eating yummy pumpkin muffins, riding the train, buying cookbooks and apple cider, seeing friends from church on a field trip and eating lunch.  Catelyn and I took the hay ride way out to find her "perfect pumpkin" and a beautiful fall day was had by all.

This past Columbus Day weekend we all headed down to Fresno to visit Papa (or Popa, as Catelyn spells it) and go to Yosemite with Uncle Jared, Aunt Mimi, and cousins Ben and Lucy.  The last time I had been was when Martin and I took Cooper when he was just a few months old, toting him around in his car seat.  We sure had a great time.  I'm still uploading pictures but Aunt Mimi has already got a great blog up with picture and video montages so please head over there to see some of our fun.

I'm going to try and upload pictures today so check back later.


Michal said...

looks like lots of fun. i need to drop by an invitation to ian's birthday party, which is next friday (24th) at lunch time. and i owe your mom a cookbook cd!:)

scrap chair potato said...

Congrats to Cooper and his team! That is really exciting!
I love the bus picture. You all are so cute!
Looks like you had a good time. :)