Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bishop's Pumkin Farm!

I was able to go with Cooper on his first field trip this year. All the Kindergarten and K/1 classes went and I'm betting that everyone had a great time.
Firstly, it was great weather. Our first storm of the season was moving in so it was cool and cloudy but not cold or windy.
Secondly, we were going to a pumpkin farm in Wheatland, maybe 15 miles away, that has a miniature train for the kids to ride, a hay wagon to take them out to the pumpkin patch to choose their own pumpkin (no restriction on size), barnyard animals to observe and interact with, a great play area, including a real railroad car, and the most delicious smelling bake store! Here are some of the highlights! IMG_0053s

Getting ready to get on the field trip bus with his friend David. Being a chaperone I was in charge of 4 kids. Cooper, David and two of the kindergarten girls, Victoria and Vanessa. (You'll see pictures of them coming up)


The Bear class. I thought this picture was so cute!Cooper is in front, third from the left. Victoria and Vanessa are just right of him.


Here's Cooper inside the real train car. It was dark and dirty and scary in there but some of the kids spent 30 min straight inside that car.


This is one of my favorite pictures. I remember many years ago when we came here with Cooper and taking this same picture. I wish I had it on hand to compare but we'll just have to compare future pictures with this one.


First graders on the train. It took us on a trip around part of the pumpkin patch, some horses' fields, a walnut grove, and many scarecrows and old farm machinery.


Pumpkin picking! I'm so glad that I was able to spend this time with Cooper. He's such a sweet boy and I'm just thrilled that he's growing up to be such a fine young man.



Martin said...

Those are some very cute pictures of you and Cooper.

Did cooepr have to carry that pumpkin all the way home?

Michal said...

i've been there a few times with our whole family, but i've loved going on the kinder field trip there with henry and kimball. they get to do so much that day. and i love pumpkin patch pictures. the colors are so beautiful and everyone is happy.

Wheat Family said...

Oh I love the fall, these are great pictures and what a fun field trip!

Allison said...

I love fall and halloween. Is Cooper going to carve or cook his pumpkin?

Grammy said...

What a fun day - I want to see pictures of Cooper's jack-o-lantern.


Jyl said...

Wow what a great pumpkin patch trip! we need those here! Hope the family is all well! come visit our blog sometimes!

scrap chair potato said...

Fun! I love the How Tall This Fall picture. What a fun picture to have each year! Looks like a fun day. :)