Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun filled Saturday

Yesterday was action packed and fun filled for our family. Cooper had a soccer game at 11:00. Tutu and Catelyn went with us. The team he played was a team that 3 of Cooper's friends from church were on. I got some fun shots of him playing. He's in the white shirt, #6.





We then headed straight over to Uncle Jared's office for his Patient Appreciation day. Aunt Michal had made lots of yummy food and we even got to see Aunt Alli and cousin Isaac. (Sorry no pics)

After that we went right to Cooper's school Fall Carnival. It was surprisingly warm for the afternoon but the kids had lots of fun going to all the little games, climbing in the fire truck and eating snow cones and cotton candy.






This picture was so funny because someone was announcing over the speaker about a winner and Catelyn says "We're the lucky winner!" with her finger pointed up like that. And yes, her chin is blue.


scrap chair potato said...

Wow! What a busy day! Sounds like fun.
I am SO jealous of the snow cones, cotton candy and Patient Appreciation Day food...Yummy!
I love the dancing and hopscotch videos. So cute!

Sarah said...

Looks like fun! Your kids are so cute!

Mimi Nowland said...

Thank you for posting "talking videos" Lucy and Ben love to watch them over and over again.