Saturday, October 4, 2008

Catelyn can read!

Well, it looks like this barely 4 year old knows how to read! Catelyn loves for me to read to her and we usually compromise on how many books I will read before she has to go to sleep each night. She loves to sit and listen while Cooper reads his homework books as well. Well, we have all sorts of early reader books on hand for Cooper, now that he's in 1st grade, and just the other day, Catelyn sat down with one.
To be continued on this next video...

I'm so proud of all my bookworms!
Here is Lydia joining in the mix.



Deborah said...

Now that is beautiful!!! Love those kids!!!


Michal said...

very impressive. keep it up!

Mimi Nowland said...

I love the videos of Catelyn reading. She is amazing. She really knows her stuff! And Lydia is smart too!

Allison said...

Good job Catelyn and to everyone who has taught her to love reading.

Grammy said...

Way to go Catelyn - so happy you love to read.

Aunt Kim