Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures with a story

So Lydia had already taken her bath and was all dressed for bed. It was Catelyn's turn next and she's old enough now that I don't have to stay in there with her the whole time. I guess I wasn't paying attention because I hear Lydia crying in the bathroom and yelling "Help Momma!" I run in to find this:This is the first time we have experienced the fully clothed bathtub experience. I really don't think that Lydia meant to get in the water. Catelyn said that Lydia had been leaning over the edge, putting her hands in the water when, whoopsy daisy, she fell all the way in. I said "Oh man." and ran to get the camera, even though Lydia was not happy to be in the tub.

Next up, Cooper discovered that one of the coffee tables in the house had hidden storage underneath. He laid pillows in it and he and Catelyn had a ball.

Here, Catelyn is modeling her handmade fashion dress. Good thing she wasn't using ductape because it eventually was used as necklace and blindfold...

Here's Lydia in the tent that Catelyn and our neighbor Tyler made in the family room. I love the pic because you can see Lydia's hair curling a bit. Yes, that's right, her hair is getting long enough to curl!

Here is a video from that same tent.. The girls were still sick at this point so you can hear Catelyn sniffling along with her very loud voice.

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Scrappy said...

What fun, cute and silly kids! I love them!