Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More things about me

Perhaps this will appear as a "wall of text" to most people but I found that the last "25 random things about me" post was rather therapeutic to me. I found myself thinking of more random things I wish I had added so I have decided to fill out a brand new one.
Here we go:

  1. I cut Catelyn's hair myself. This past one was the hardest for me and I am leaning towards her getting it professionally done next time.
  2. I really don't like to be ignored. I would much rather be rejected than have people not respond.
  3. I follow a lot of blogs of people I know (and some I don't) but rarely comment. I just went and counted all of the ones on my reader account and it's over 75!
  4. I once had a friend in college dub me "Senora Muchas Smoochas"
  5. I am very proud of my children and tell them so often
  6. I applied to 5 colleges and got scholarships to all but the one I chose to go to. BYU
  7. My older kids are playing the Wii in the other room and I'm on the computer. I really need to kick this bad habit.
  8. At least the baby is in bed and I can hear Cooper and Catelyn giggling uncontrollably. No one is screaming yet.
  9. I'm ready for a night out.
  10. I just ate a gluten free wafer cookie and the aftertaste is like I ate perfume...
  11. I love earrings. I could possibly have close to 100 pairs.
  12. I like buckles on my shoes.
  13. I wish I didn't have to tweeze my eyebrows. It's a constant chore.
  14. I had fun in high school. I think it's pretty safe to say I was friends with just about everyone.
  15. I am a VERY bad organizer and planner. Luckily I'm living with my mom again. She created my handicap, she can be my crutch.
  16. I'm going to take a break now and put the kids to bed.
  17. I believe these are the last days and I'm living my life accordingly.
  18. I don't like to by tickled but all 3 of my kids are like their dad and LOVE to be lightly tickled. Lydia calls it "aGuh" She pulls her thumb out of her mouth and says "aGuh, aGuh!"
  19. I really like cheesecake.
  20. I foresee some serious and troubled times ahead for our country. Seriously troubled.
  21. I miss kissing. Lately I've been getting my fix by watching the Bachelor o.O
  22. I used to be a gamer. I played WoW every day.
  23. It seems that I have an addiction problem. First it was Myspace, then World of Warcraft, now Facebook.
  24. I don't like fruit in my chocolate. Separate they are great.
  25. I started going to therapy 9 months ago when my world imploded, and it helped me get to the other side of this trial. One last session is all I have left.


Marie Hatch Chambers said...

I liked reading this list too. Like you I kept thinking of other things I should have written.

Have a great day!

Sarie said...

What a great list. Seems like you have a lot going on in your life. You are a strong woman. Love you.

Jyl said...

I love that you were a gamer, I had a discussion with James about that same subject, that there are no such things as Female Gamers, .. you just proved me wrong... lets play!