Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lydia's antics

The other day Lydia picked up a guitar pick that she found. "Whassat?"
Papa: "That is a pick"
Lydia proceeds to put it up to her nose and says "pick" while nodding her head.

While at the dinner table I ask Lydia "What's their name?" pointing to everyone in turn.
"Cupper, Cayen, Papa."
Cooper pipes up "No, his name is George."
Lydia "Monkey!"
Cooper then starts to choke on his food because he's laughing so hard. He couldn't stop laughing and ended up throwing up. At least nothing came out his nose...

Papa to Lydia: "Are you a Silly Goose or a Pumpkin Head?"
Lydia: "Ina Puckin Head" while nodding her head.

Lydia's new phrase is "Commeer" while running up to you to give you a hug

Cooper and I are playing Wii bowling:

Cooper asks "Can I play the Wii?" I answer, "Yes you may." Catelyn asks "Can I play too?" "Sure." Lydia says "Wii too!"


Scrappy said...

So cute and funny! I love that age!

Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Cute. Cute. Cute! Such a fun girl. Wish we were closer.

Allison said...

There is nothing quite so adorable than babies learning to talk. Their little personalities really start to shine through! I love the new use for a guitar pick.