Monday, August 4, 2008

Becky Home-Ecky

We have been busy here this week being very domestic. As you can see from my post last Sunday we had a lot of zucchini on our hands, plus the tomatoes I mentioned. Since then we went to Sarah's parent's house and picked blackberries, which added to the raspberries, tomatillos, and peppers we have been picking here.

So, like I said, we had to put them to work and get them off of the island counter!

Bushels of roma tomatoes went from this (sun drying on window screens w/ cheese cloth over top) to this.

Great space saver! Plus, I'll eat sun dried tomatoes!

Those huge zucchinis were put to good use. I peeled them (which turned into a crazy slime on my fingers that was excruciating to get off) and put them through the grater to make zucchini bread (which we disguised as "cinnamon bread" so the kids would eat it). 8 loaves of zucchini bread plus zucchini brownies (which turned out delish!)

Add to that, 7 1/2 pints of blackberry jam, 4 pints blackberry/raspberry freezer jam, raspberry/mango freezer jam, raspberry lemonade concentrate, canned tomato juice and two delish blackberry/nectarine cobblers and you will see why I am now to be called "Becky Home-Ecky".


Allison said...

Wow Becky! That is awesome. I'll be over in 20 minutes. :)

Now I really want to plant blackberry and raspberry bushes. I can't bring myself to buy them in the store, they are way too expensive.

Sarah said...

Ha! That's awesome. I need to learn how to make those sundried tomatoes. Yum!!!

scrap chair potato said...

Becky Home-Ecky indeed! That all looks so yummy! I love weeks when so much is accomplished... especially if it involves food! Way to go!

Michal said...

i need becky home-ecky to teach me how to can. i really really need to can some pinto beans. we are eating our tomatoes too quickly to do the sundried idea, but maybe later this month we'll have enough.

Grammy said...

Wow Becky! I'm very impressed. You can come and visit anytime :) although I don't have near enough tomatoes from my plants yet to do sundried tomatoes - but what a great idea? You just used window screens? I've got to try that sometime.


Prudy said...

So impressive! I wish I had some of those sundried tomatoes. They are so expensive at the market and so good.