Sunday, July 27, 2008

Super squash

Papa came home from Uncle Jared's house this evening and brought some surprises with him. 3 gigantic zucchinis that I just had to get a picture of.

He also brought about 20 lbs of tomatoes. And considering we were just there last weekend and canned about 50 lbs, that's a lot! The fridge is full of produce and so is the kitchen island!


Prudy said...

Becky: Your kids are so adorable! It looks like you are having a great summer. Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I've been to yours before-I always like to see what all the Johnsons are up to! Thanks again and good luck with those giant zukes!

Allison said...

Gardening is so much fun. Mine is small enough that one batch of home made salsa or maranara uses up all of my tomatoes. How many tomato plants does Jared have?