Friday, July 25, 2008

Tea set and Lydia's signs

Martin gave Catelyn this adorable tea set that comes in a wicker basket. It really is so cute and she's loving it.
Meanwhile, Lydia has been watching the Signing Time videos with her siblings and soaking it up like a fish. She signs so much that I am amazed every day with what she comes up with. Just tonight we were in the backyard with the kids, playing in sprinklers and picking raspberries. Our neighbor came by with some peaches that she had picked at a friend's house. We handed Lydia one and said "here's a peach" and Lydia puts her hand to her cheek and signs "peach". I'm sure she hasn't watched the video that teaches the word "peach" for at least a week! I know I shouldn't be so surprised by how smart she is but she really amazes me.
By the way, whenever the theme song comes on Lydia lights up and starts throwing her hands around for "Signing time with Alex and Leah."
I'll try and get a video of her tomorrow but here's a picture of her yesterday signing "water".
PS, I just sat down and wrote all the signs that I can remember that she knows and it's over 50. That's not including the words she actually says.

PS, here she is Saturday morning.


scrap chair potato said...

The tea set is adorable. I always wanted one. She looks so sweet playing with it.

I love Signing Time. When Ned was a baby we had the first video that was made (We bought it right from Rachel at the University mall, the video we bought isn't even sold anymore. It was before the colored fingers and yellow sweater!) He loved watching it and with the video, and the fact that my little sister was learning sign language in college at the time, he learned so much. I love watching little fingers make the signs... So cute!
I would love to see a video of Lydia signing. I have been meaning to post one of Lucky signing too.

Erika said...

Gosh! Your blog just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love the ribbons on the side :-)

Signing Time is awesome! Did you know they're LDS? We've watched the "Baby signing Time" volume 1 a few times and I sign with Scotty...he hasn't really shown any clear signs yet but he does know what I am talking about when I sign to him.
Cool stuff. I like hearing testimonials because it helps me not give up.

Allison said...

Tea parties are always fun! I love how serious she looks while she is "pouring" into her little tea cup.

I can't wait to get the Signing Time DVDs for Isaac. The one I watched was great and Lydia is very impressive.