Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our thunderstorm smores

Before we moved out from our beloved Meadowsong, my dad and brother Jonathan came out to help us pack up and move. The first night Jon was there we told the kids we could go build a fire outside and make smores if they finished all their dinner quickly enough. I could tell that a summer thunderstorm was on it's way in by the humidity in the air and the way the wind was blowing but figured we could get in some roasted marshmallows before it hit.

This is what happened in pictures.Papa built a bonfire.Jon pointed out that the wind was not good for the tinder pile nearby.
It started to rain. (Jon has Cooper's little umbrella)The rain put the fire out, Jon handed the umbrella to Papa and headed for the tree under which I was standing. (PS, click on the picture to see Jon's face, it's classic)
The rain starts coming down in torrents, blown by the wind and people are still trying to roast marshmallows. At this point everyone except Papa is under a big umbrella and the marshmallows are melting in the rain instead of the fire.

We all run to safety. I get in first and turn around to capture a picture of everyone else running inside.Grammy and Catelyn are coming up the stairs under the umbrella.Catelyn is clutching the only smore made that night.Note Jon's soaked back.
PS. minutes after we got inside there was a huge "Crack" and a lightning bolt hit just outside where we had been standing under the trees.

What a crazy North Carolina adventure that Jon got to experience on his short trip out there.

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Erika said...

Wow! What fun! I just love thunder & lightening...when I'm indoors at least!