Monday, August 18, 2008

Cute kids

This evening Papa was lying on the floor and Lydia came over to play with him. He soon turns to me and says "What is she saying?" because Lydia was signing something. I look over and she has her fingers on her cheek. I say "Maybe bird, or peach?" She then signs something else. "That's either cheese or clean." I look over at Papa and think for a second. "Oh! She's saying that you shaved your face Papa!" Lydia throws her hands up and laughs with joy. I had got it right! We all burst into laughter. She really was so thrilled that I had guessed it right.

Later this evening after her bath and it was getting to be bed time I ask her "Do you want to eat or go to sleep?" She signs "Sleep please sleep." She's the cutest thing ever.

Meanwhile during the bustle of trying to get dinner on the table after church Catelyn announces "I'm trying not to work! I'm trying to be a princess!"


Michal said...

those cuties. doesn't cooper start school today? we need to get together again very soon. i'll call.

Wheat Family said...

hilarious! What smart kids. I also love your new supplies and back to school sales make me miss teaching!