Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visit to Nana's

This week we went down to visit Nana. It is probably our last visit down there because she is selling her house. On our way down we stopped in Fresno for Papa's work and were able to visit with Aunt Mimi and Ben and Lucy!

Tuesday morning they came up from their house (45 min away) to eat breakfast w/ us and swim in the hotel pool.
Continuing on our trip, Grammy caught this cute moment on video while driving in the car.

We also took the opportunity while down there to visit Aunt Erika and cousin Scotty at the beach!
Erika's sister Jenny has been staying with them for the summer and she turned out to be so great with the kids. We are very glad she was there.

She even took the time to take Cooper out on her surfboard! He had a blast.We love you Nana and are glad we were able to visit with you this week. Come see us next time!


Michal said...

my kids loved the videos. it was almost like we were there--but not nearly as nice as actually being there. we're so glad you got to visit nana and see cousin scotty.

scrap chair potato said...

I love the video of Lydia. Adorable!
I wish we lived around there so we could go to the beach and enjoy the nice weather, but mostly so we could see all of you.