Thursday, June 5, 2008

Picture update

I uploaded some pics from one of the cameras this morning. As a result, you are now going to see a new picture of each of my children, and a baby turtle. Enjoy.

I took this picture of Lydia mostly to show the Great Blue heron in the background (he's standing on the dock). This was the same day we were outside and Lydia found the baby turtle. She just about picked it up before I saw it.

Cooper and Catelyn were obviously taking a bubble bath. I started laughing so hard at Cooper and ran to get the camera.
Catelyn tried to make a bubble beard too.

I love my family and am so glad we have been able to enjoy this great adventure we have had in North Carolina.


Erika said...

What a hoot! I LOVE Cooper's beard. How funny.
Good to see the kids smiling & happy. We miss you & can't wait for you to come back to CA :-)

Michal said...

catelyn's beard is a crack up! you have had such wonderful contact with wildlife there on meadowsong. my kids would love that place!