Friday, June 27, 2008

Cooper's 1st bike ride

Papa took Cooper out with his poor neglected bike the other evening and taught him how to ride within 5 tries. This is Cooper's 3rd try ever.

I had been trying for 3 DAYS now to upload a later video but it wasn't working so I hope this one will suffice.
Grrr, I'm not happy with that video, I'm going to try and add the later one again. This next video was his very next try.

Phew! That took moving back to Cali and cable internet to upload. I hope it's worth it.


Erika said...

Yay Cooper!!! Congratulations! Lets go on a bike ride when you get back to CA!

Michal said...

if the video is more than 100 mb, you have to upload it to you tube. it takes longer, but will eventually work, whereas if you try to upload it directly to blogger it will go on indefinitely.

yay for cooper! we loved the video. my boys can't wait to ride bikes with him. they just learned how a few months ago and they love riding bikes.

can't wait to see you guys.

Nana said...

Good job Cooper! You will be riding all over the place in no time.

Allison said...

Good job Cooper! Nice crash too! You are very smart to crash in the soft dirt instead of on the driveway. :)

Wheat Family said...

What a fun accomplishment!! Biking riding is the best and now Cooper can really go places! Way to GO!

Jyl said...

Go Cooper! Wow thats fantastic!