Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lydia's 2nd and last surgery

On Friday the 30th of May, Lydia had her second and final surgery on her tear ducts. This time the Dr was removing the tubes that he had placed there the first operation. The procedure was super quick, they just gave her some gas, she went to "sleep" and the Dr sniped the tube and pulled them out through the nasal cavity. She didn't have to have an IV this time and she was back out to my arms within half an hour. (They kept her in the recovery room for a couple minutes)Before her surgery the nurse came by to take her vital signs and Lydia managed to coax the stethoscope from her. In typical Lydia fashion she kept asking "Whassat?" She sure is going to be one bright kid, with her second words being "What's that?" And I promise, it's not just something we think we are hearing, she really is asking "What's that?".
This picture reminds me of Curious George.
After surgery she is starving because you can't eat or drink after 12:00 the night before. We had a sippy cup and crackers on hand.
I'm so glad that we found this doctor that had a solution for Lydia's perpetually clogged eyes. The difference has been remarkable. Here is a pic of her back in Dec.

and one just before this last surgery.

(oh and that nasty green bruise on her forehead is from her throwing herself down on the brick hearth earlier that week.)
PS, note the non existent hair growth.


Allison said...

What a beautiful baby girl! I am glad that the surgeries worked, and that this last surgery was less difficult than her last one.
I love and miss little "Curious Lidia". Hope to see you again soon.

Michal said...

i'm so glad those pesky tear ducts won't bug lyddie anymore. she's such a sweetie-- and i love the curious george picture.

Erika said...

I just feel like I"m looking at a mini-cooper :-)
Bummer about that fall...a brick hearth! OUCH!!!

Martin said...

What a charmer!

Mimi Nowland said...

That one picture really does remind me of Curious George. I am glad that all went well and that it is all over with.