Saturday, January 31, 2009

80's Rollerskating Party (again)

Our Ward is awesome. We have a semi-annual 80's Rollerskating party (adults only) that is just a blast. I posted about the last one I went to back in Sept. Here are some highlights.

Jody and I. Of course I am talking in the only picture of me at the party...

Heather, Jen and Liz

Brad, Tiffany and Jeremy. Note the purple in Jeremy's hair.

Some pretty hot ladies.

Nice Prom dresses ladies!


Celeste said...

you look great! That sounds like so much fun.

Mimi Nowland said...

You looks so 80s! The hair, the jewelry, amazing. I love it, are you a decent roller skater?

Jyl said...

gotta admit, when i saw this picture of you on facebook with no explanations, i thought you were having some sort of early life crisis.. LOL glad you were just having fun

Michal said...

becky, you are such a ham! totally eighties.

Becky said...

Jyl, I am about to die laughing! Poor crazy Becky. She's been through too much and now she's cracked.

Mimi, actually, I'm not all that bad. I can groove to the music but I can't do things like go backwards.