Monday, December 1, 2008

If you want to see how our week was

Troop on over to my SIL Sarah's blog. She already posted pictures and updates on our week in Tahoe. (Seriously, click the link and go see) I'll have to see about uploading pictures in between unpacking, decorating for Christmas and Catelyn's surgery on Wednesday.
Catelyn is getting her tongue tie snipped. It's an outpatient surgery with dissolvable stitches. It probably won't help her fear of doctors but should improve her speech. Her fraenum is so short and thick that it's causing her teeth to be spaced on the bottom. You can see it a little in this picture from the day before Halloween. We noticed how tied her tongue was when she was born but doctors said that she would most likely outgrow it. Now that she is four and her teeth are being affected I decided that it was time to solve the problem.
Other than that it's time to get this house organized and ready for Christmas!

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scrap chair potato said...

It looks like you had a great time in Tahoe. The donuts looks so yummy!

Lucky is tongue tied too. It looks like his is going to take care of itself but those nursing days were pretty rough. :)

Catelyn will be in my prayers. I hope it is a good experience so she does not fear the doctor even more. Give her a little kiss from me!