Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peekaboo Lydia

Here's a little video of Lydia playing peekaboo. She coughs at the end, and it sounds bad but she was perfectly fine.
She's such a smart girl and loves interacting with people. Her first word is "Dada" and I'm sure her second will be "Hi" just like Cooper's was. She reminds me so much of Cooper when he was little. She even has the same gap in her teeth. :)
PS. Uploading videos from this dial-up connection is excruciating so I don't think I'm going to do many more of these. (If I can even get this one to work)
Yeah, that just took over 40 min to upload... I hope everyone enjoys my cute baby as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for baby Lydia!!! Even though it was excruciating to download the video - it was wonderful for me to see and also for Ben and Lucy to see!!!!

Michal said...

ian just made me watch it four times in a row--and he's still begging to see it again.

Allison said...

So sweet! I wast to play with her.

Erika said...

Sheesh! I can't believe it took you that long to upload the video. It was worth it :-)