Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Holiday Clan

I'm going to divide our week long trip to Orange County into a few different posts. In fact, I don't even think I'm going to go in chronological order. I'll start with the reason we went down there.

The Holidays! My mom's cousins on her mom's side are all Holidays, and there's a lot of them. Last week the youngest cousin got married and everyone (just about) traveled down to Newport Beach for the wedding. Nate is the youngest of the Holiday cousins and my mom is the oldest. Mom grew up with the older cousins and I grew up with the younger ones. There is now a SLEW of second cousins and first cousins once removed.

We were at the Condo (Newport Coast Villas timeshare that I'll blog about later) the weekend before the wedding and my mom's Uncle Bob and Aunt Janice stopped by. A little while later he got a call saying that two of his sons and their families were coming over to visit also. We hadn't seen these cousins in years and were excited to see everyone.

Cooper said the funniest thing when they all got there. He had been in the bathroom getting ready for bed and comes out to a scene very similar to this:
and says "What just happend?!" So many cousins he didn't know what to do! One family of all girls and one family of all boys.

The youngest Holiday is baby Gage. My kids and I were smitten with him, as well as all the other cousins that we'd never even met.

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Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Yeah for cousins far and near.