Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creative Catelyn

Catelyn has turned into quite the little artist lately. She's always been one to play by herself and make up stories and now she is using her imagination to make some very creative pieces of art. Here she's used some pipe cleaners (which I have discovered are a great cheap art supply) to craft her name.
As an aside, I really like the nickname Cat for her. Going into school I know there will be a lot of Katie's, Caitlin's, Kate's,but she can be my spunky Cat.
Aunt Mimi came to visit the week after Valentines weekend and cut some spirals out of the craft paper for the kids to play with. After Mimi left Catelyn spent hours perfecting the skill. No one ever sat down with her to show her, she just figured out how it works by herself.
We now have probably one hundred of these spirals in different colors cut from these note papers.

All while she sings or hums real and made up songs.


Jyl said...

Very artistic

Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Those are some mad scissor skills!

She's such a cutie and I love the humming.

Cat is a great nick name. Is it in regular use or is it being tested?

Scrappy said...

Very cute. I love the video!

A few years ago I flew from Utah to Oklahoma with all of the boys by myself (Lucky was a newborn) and I brought a bunch of those pipe cleaners. We made all kinds of things. The boys' favorite was the fish and fishing pole. I might have to get those out again. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Sue said...

I like the name "Cat," too. Much more fun than having the same name as two or three other students. (I was a Sue when the name Sue was as common as could be, and it was kind of a pain.)

Also wanted to congratulate you on being a winner of my blog giveaway. I've already emailed you for your mailing address so you will have a way to give it to me confidentially. I'll be sending the books a week from today.

Thanks for reading my blog!


Mimi Nowland said...

Great post! I love to see her creations. Art is a great outlet. I am so glad you give her time, room, and supplies to encourage her natural talents.

Allison said...

She is turning into such a big girl. I love the picture of her right above the video. She looks so beautiful and full of personality. Thanks for sharing.

Grammy said...

Such a cutie! I can't believe she figured that out all by herself - and I love the singing while she is working. So bummed we are going to miss you guys by just 1 week.

Evan said...

It sounds like she has some of her Uncle Evan in her, always making some noise with her mouth... I loved making up songs!