Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lydia's tear duct surgery

Ever since birth Lydia has had clogged tear ducts. Her first Dr appointment at 2 weeks I mentioned the green goopy stuff in her eyes. I always got the response "They usually grow out of it by the time they turn 1." Okay, but this is constant and in both eyes and it glues her eyes shut when she's sleeping....

Anyway, every Dr appointment I mention it and every time they say "she'll grow out of it." At her three month appointment her new Dr prescribed a prescription to put in her eyes in case it was an infection. (I guess she got a good look at all that green goop) She went through 3 different treatments of that prescription, but nothing of note ever happened. Finally at her 9 month appointment her Dr recommended seeing an eye specialist. He in turn recommended an even more specialized specialist in Chapel Hill who had pioneered a surgery of inserting tubes down the tear ducts to drain all that stuff down through the nasal cavity like it was supposed to be doing.

Well Lydia had her surgery this past Friday the 11th. We drove over to Durham Regional Hospital, a Duke University facility. I was a bit apprehensive, mostly worried about the aftermath of a baby having gone through a traumatic ordeal than the surgery itself. She couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. We were at the hosiptal at 9:00 am ready for a 10:15 appointment. She didn't end up going back for the surgery until 11:15 so she was one hungry baby. (Two other young girls had the same surgery before her, one 9 months and the other probably 18 months)

What a sweet girl she was though the whole time. All the nurses and people walking by thought that she was just the cutest thing ever. I didn't want her crawling on the hospital floor so I walked around the hall with her in my arms a lot while we were waiting. She made a lot of friends :)

Her surgery lasted an hour, during which I went down to the cafeteria for some lunch. They had given me a pager for when she was out of surgery. Right around 12:30 I all of a sudden got very apprehensive and walked back to the nurses station. The nurse said they hadn't heard anything yet but she would probably be out shortly. I asked to use the phone to call my husband and as I was telling him "she isn't out yet" the nurse got a page that Lydia was on her way over. Good timing I guess.

I was ready w/ a bottle of juice for her because I knew she would be starving. She was crying a bit (they told me to expect that) but looked great. I had been expecting bandages over her eyes or something but the only thing indicating that she had surgery was the IV in her foot and the monitors still stuck to her chest (oh and she had a bit of blood in her nose).

We stayed in her recovery little room for about half an hour, letting her calm down and rest and eat. She did throw up once which scared me a bit but after she got a good burp out from guzzling down that bottle she was much better. She wasn't going to sleep like the nurses expected so they discharged us and we drove home (she was able to sleep in the car). I got home just in time to pick Cooper up from the bus.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pic's. Love you, Mom

Michal said...

poor lydia. i'm glad it wasn't more traumatic. but even making a baby wait for breakfast seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

so far, does it seem like the surgery worked?

hoping to hear from you again soon!

Allison said...

Becky, I had no idea. What a long day for you. I really need to be more connected!

Sweet littl girl. How is she recovering? Is she extra fussy? Are her eyes irritated at all?

I hope all is going well.

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

phew, glad that is over . . .I seriously know how you feel.

hello Dr's can we just fix the problem and not drag it on for eternity.

Life is great post jeddy's surgery. so worth it . .wish we could have done it 18 moths earlier.
good luck with recovery.!!!!


Becky said...

Actually my day didn't end there. After I got home w/ Cooper and Lydia I had to take the trip into town for the prescription (steroids for her eyes) and that's a 25 min drive. I picked Catelyn up on the way (Martin had brought her to a friend's from church on his way to work) and then had to go to two different drug stores to find the prescription.

That night and the next day Lydia and I were exhausted. On Saturday she went to take her 3rd nap (she usually only takes 2) at 3:00 and didn't wake up till 11:30 pm. She was up at 5:00 am so she and I stayed home from church to get our naps in.

She's doing so well tho. Her eyes are clear and she's just back to her normal happy self.

She goes back 6 weeks from the surgery date to get the tubes removed.

Nana said...

My internet has been down for 3 days - so I just got this. Poor baby - but how great if this takes care of her goopy eyes. I can't wait to see all of you in June. I know all the kids have grown, but Lydia will be the most changed from when I saw her at Christmas. I can't believe how quickly the school year is going.
Love, Mom

Mimi Nowland said...

We are glad that all went well and that it is over! I am sure that you will see an improvement. That sounded like a really crazy day. Keep us updated!